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Fans Are in For a Treat in Season 2 of A Black Lady Sketch Show

27 April 2021
A Black Lady Sketch Show is back with a banger of a season.
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The Emmy-nominated A Black Lady Sketch Show is back with season 2 (catch Up right now if you missed episode one), and fans are in for a star-studded treat. Robin Thede, Ashley Nicole Black and Gabrielle Dennis are back with a host of hilarious sketches, and in season 2, you can also look forward to seeing Skai Jackson, Jesse Williams and Wunmi Mosaku.

Asked how she took the show up a notch from season one, Thede said to ET, “There’s more funny, more jokes, more characters – just giving people more of what they want.

"I know that the great thing about season 1 is that people started to get some of their favourite characters already ingrained, like Ashley [Nicole Black]'s Trinity character, Gabrielle [Dennis]'s Alisa character from the gang, the Coral Reefs, and I've got a couple of weird ones. We wanted to come back and give people what they wanted -- they're very vocal. Our audience is very vocal about telling us what characters they need to see, which ones we need to be writing, and which ones they expect. So, we knew we wanted to do that,” Thede added.

As with many productions, the production of A Black Lady Sketch Show was also affected by the covid-19 pandemic, albeit positively. The pandemic forced the cast and crew to take things slow which gave them a chance to rewrite some sketches and make changes that led to a more thoughtful season 2. While the aim of the show is producing relatable grounded sketches, Thede suggested that “… people are going to feel even more of a closeness with the material, even more of like, ‘Wow, they made this for me.’”

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Adding to these sentiments, Dennis said the talent also adds a magical quality to season 2. “ "Not just from our core cast and from our two new cast members, but all of our guests stars are just so amazing,” she said. This talent includes the people behind the camera as well. “… from the writers' room to the hair and makeup. And it's all just this amazing, magical brew of talent and so much care and so much love... So, all of that love and all of that magic, we just want to sprinkle it your way when you tune in for season 2, which you're going to enjoy,” Dennis said.

Don’t miss A Black Lady Sketch Show on Mondays at 21:30 on 1Magic.