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1802: Love Defies Time


1802: Love Defies Time Recap

30 May 2023
What you should know to start watching the mystical romantic telenovela.
1802: Love Defies Time Khosi

It’s been two months since the telenovela, 1802: Love Defies Time started airing and it’s been nothing but drama and a great transportation into the past. If you have missed some of the episodes, let’s bring you up to speed on this romantic saga. You can also binge-watch it on DStv Catch Up. Let’s get into it.

At the start of the series, a tribe in the 1800s grapples with a prophecy: The rightful king should be chosen or else there will be dire circumstances.

What complicates the situation is that King Jonginamba has two sons vying for the throne: Longamo and Melisizwe. The King’s first wife, MamCwehra insists that Longamo becomes the next king because he is the eldest but the second wife, MamThembu believes that her son Melisizwe should be king because she hails from royal lineage. To clear the confusion, MamCwehra plots to kill Melisizwe.

In the present day, Khosi, a budding doctor gets engaged to Zuko and she stumbles upon a mystical cave. Suddenly, she is transported to the 1800s and becomes part of the tribe. Meanwhile, her loved ones in the modern world are searching for her. 

Initially met with a chilly reception, Khosi gradually earns the tribe's trust by saving Prince Melisizwe's life. Their bond strengthens, and together they hatch a plan to reunite Khosi with her own time. However, their attempt doesn't unfold as expected. Feeling threatened by Khosi and Melisizwe’s bond, MamCwehra sets out to tear them apart and get Longamo on the throne. 

Will Khosi find a way back home? What lies ahead for the tribe and the kingdom? Watch 1802: Love Defies Time, Mondays-Wednesdays at 20:30 on 1Magic (DStv Channel 103).