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Lindiwe has went and done the unthinkable and bought Thuso a whole house after he helped her get rid of Mohumi and Van Wyk at Khanyisa Diamonds but this has left a sour taste in Rakgadi and Flora's mouths. They are not trusting that it is legit, one doesn't want t move there while the other is triggered because she was once promised one but never got it.
Something doesn't make sense here. Image : 5907

Local Behind the Scenes


Puleng slaps Mpumi and begs Papi for help – Lingashoni Image : 6423
Khwezi and Nolwazi fight for their lives - The River Image : 6424
Khwezi and Nolwazi fight for their lives - The RiverMlilo has been in the hot seat after Khwezi disappeared when she was with him in Refilwe but after some searching, she is found but in a condition that everyone was not hoping for, in hospital badly hurt. On the other end, Lindiwe finally agreed to go see her sister in hospital and shocked everyone but forgiving her even after the betrayal.
You'll act like a man and get her out! – The River Image : 6422
You'll act like a man and get her out! – The RiverAfter her pain and anger got too overwhelming, Paulina threw the baby that happens to be hers into the swimming pool causing her to get arrested and no one could stop it from happening. Zodwa is being a mother this time and trying to get Thuso to get her out but he has completely turned on her and won't hear anything.
I don't have a baby, why should you? – The River Image : 6421
I don't have a baby, why should you? – The RiverThe tension between Paulina and Angelina just got worse because of what Angelina did to her baby. Paulina is so hell bent on trying to find the truth and getting Angelina to admit what she did and took it a step further by throwing her baby in the pool which shocked everyone.
Puleng, don't play dumb with me – Lingashoni Image : 6419
Puleng, don't play dumb with me – LingashoniMandla confronts Puleng about what the doctor told him: he is not Njabulo's father. Puleng shuts down and refuses to speak. He later keeps pushing the matter to find out who Njabulo's father is. He is unsuccessful as Puleng remains silent.
Mandla, you are not the father! – Lingashoni Image : 6418
Mandla, you are not the father! – LingashoniPuleng and Mandla hear the bad news about NJ, that even though Puleng is a match, she is not strong enough to undergo an operation due to her own health problems. Mandla is not a match for the kidney transplant, simply because his DNA does not match Njabulo's. That means, he is not NJ's father.
Everyone is handling their business! – The River Image : 6417
Everyone is handling their business! – The RiverIt's chaos at every turn. Paulina is on a mission to make sure that Angelina tells the truth because she is convinced that she has a hand in what happened to her baby. Nomafu handles Gugu the best way she knows how after she went after her man and of course Lindiwe does what she's capable of because Vero asked for it b scamming her once again.
Last chance to take it all back Image : 6416
Last chance to take it all backNow, blackmailing Lindiwe is a brave move but standing by it even when she gives you a chance to take it all back is braver. Vero was given that chance but she stands on wanting her house and money and thinks Lindiwe won't do anything to her since she's Zolani's mother but that doesn't stop her from getting kidnapped.
Tebatso and Phakade fight over Poppy – Lingashoni Image : 6414
Tebatso and Phakade fight over Poppy – LingashoniPhakade continues to wine and dine Brenda to win Poppy's heart. Poppy has had enough and lets him know that she is not interested. Tebatso exposes Phakade's past with Nj, and Brenda is speechless at the information.
Backstabbers caught in the act Image : 6415
Backstabbers caught in the actIt's been hectic at the Hlophe and Dikana mansions. On one hand Nomafu finally catches Gugu and Bukhosi in their stolen moment after suspecting that something might be up but makes sure she isn't heard and on the other, Vero blackmails Lindiwe with something Zweli said in order to keep her scam going even without Nomonde.
Vero tells on herself! Image : 6413
Vero tells on herself!Vero has been on a lucky streak since Zweli busted Nomonde and her fake pregnancy and stood to the fact that she was never involved in the scam when Lindiwe and Zolani asked her but now that Nomonde has been discharged, she tells on herself without realising it and the worst person hears it.
I don't sleep with unemployed people – Lingashoni Image : 6412
I don't sleep with unemployed people – LingashoniGagashe and Seipati talk through the dramatic and fatal events of the day. Gagashe explains to Seipati why he did not expose Mandla, which further puts him in her good graces. Meanwhile, a distressed Mohau is worried about Mandla, but Mantoa tells him it's time that he picks a side. He either sides with the Zondi's or the Cele's. She also quickly reminds him that she is not friends with poverty.
Papi bets on the right horse – Lingashoni Image : 6411
Papi bets on the right horse – LingashoniPapi and Gagashe share a drink to celebrate the 'war' against Mandla, and its successes. Papi uses this time to remind him that he is team Gagashe all the way. He then asks for his 'life' back, and Gagashe obliges him. He then asks to return to Danko, and that is where Gagashe draws the line, he will have to find another way to get his job back.
Hang on, Nomafu's your friend! Image : 6410
Hang on, Nomafu's your friend!When Gugu walked through the Hlophe doors in a messy state because of her split with her husband, Nomafu became a very good and welcoming friend to her and gave her all the support. It's shocking now just how much she's going after Bukhosi but after giving her the cold shoulder, he melts and cheats on his wife with her.
Mandlakhe saves Gagashe's life – Lingashoni Image : 6409
Mandlakhe saves Gagashe's life – LingashoniMandlakhe finally hears Gagashe's pleas and decides to help him. His plan, however, puts Njabulo's life in danger. Njabulo runs towards Mandla for protection, but under Mandlakhe's spell, Mandla sees Gagashe instead of Njabulo. Mandla then shoots Njabulo, much to Njabulo's surprise.
Angelina does the unthinkable! – The River Image : 6408
Angelina does the unthinkable! – The RiverWhen Angelina and Paulina finally make it to the hospital and give birth, Thuso expresses the love she she has for Paulina and begs her to come back and be good again after her surgery which sets Anglina off when she hears and leads her to doing the most unthinkable thing when her baby passes away, she switches it with Paulina's.
I've lost the key! – The River Image : 6407
I've lost the key! – The RiverPaulina and Angelina are both in labour and nothing is going right. They first struggle to get Khabzela to be as quick as he can and then it turns out he doesn't have enough petrol. After doing the right thing and finding petrol, Thuso and everyone are relieved until the car keys go missing.
Papi warns Gagashe about Mandla's attack – Lingashoni Image : 6405
Papi warns Gagashe about Mandla's attack – LingashoniPapi is a brave man indeed but also a very smart man. To protect himself, he goes to Gagashe to warn him about the planned attack against him spearheaded by Mandla. He pleads his case at first to Gagashe, and eventually, Gagashe gives him five minutes to talk, and this time round, it has paid off listening to Papi.
Chaos rocks the Mokoena and Dikana households! - The River Image : 6406
Chaos rocks the Mokoena and Dikana households! - The RiverIt has all gone downhill for Nomonde and it was only a matter of time. After faking it for as long as she could, Zweli busted her and found her tummy and after watching her act distraught he aired everything to the family and everyone lost it. On the other hand, Thuso's matters are pressing and happening all the once when both Paulina and Angelina go into labour at the same time.
Gagashe fails to get rid of Mandlakhe – Lingashoni Image : 6404
Gagashe fails to get rid of Mandlakhe – LingashoniGagashe attempts to get rid of Mandlakhe by setting a car on fire with him inside. His freedom is short-lived as he quickly realises that his bond with Mandlakhe is stronger than he thought. He felt like he was on fire and pulled Mandlakhe out of the car. Later on, he is seen tending to his wounds from the fire.
Nomonde gets busted! Image : 6403
Nomonde gets busted!While Bukhosi and sons fight with Ntuthuko which leads to him getting shot after trying to kill everyone when they are waiting to get the diamond, someone else gets busted at the Dikana household. Nomonde comes back home and as everyone caters to her, Zweli finds the fake bump and shook is an understatement.
Force her to answer properly! – Lingashoni Image : 6401
Force her to answer properly! – LingashoniSarah and Robert are back in therapy, and Robert is at it again. He asks the therapist to force Sarah to answer his questions. He also accuses her of sleeping with his colleagues and even mentions Chauke. What he was not ready for was Sarah's response to all the allegations.
We'll leave when we find him! - The River Image : 6402
We'll leave when we find him! - The RiverNtuthuko has decided that he's not going to give up without a fight and he's going to make sure he sells the diamond and went to extreme lengths of kidnapping Nkanyiso but Mlilo comes to his rescue and not only that, he made sure that they take Ntuthuko back home to Bukhosi with them.
The scam goes sideways! Image : 6400
The scam goes sideways!It's the day of the lobola negotaitions, the day Vero and Nomonde have to play all their cards right to convince everyone that she's about to have a miscarriage but all quickly goes south. Nomonde does her part and fakes it well but the one person that she depended on, Vero drops the ball and causes her to be taken to a real doctor.
Puleng slaps Mpumi and begs Papi for help – Lingashoni


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