Xolani's tears have everyone in their feelings

23 November 2018
Xolani battled to hold back tears as he saw Thembisile make her way towards him.
Marry Me Now SA

Viewers of Marry Me Now SA witnessed Thembisile and Xolani, who were evidently smitten with each other take their relationship to the next level after Xolani replied YES to Thembisile’s proposal.

The couple has been together for 8 years and has 2 young boys. Thembisile decided it was time her sons officially use their father’s surname. As per norm on the show, Xolani had no idea what his girlfriend was really up to; he believed Thembisile was in search for a house for their family.

With both families supporting her decision, it was time for Thembisile to put her brave face on and ask for Xolani’s hand in marriage.

Unable to contain his emotions, Xolani wept as he saw Thembisile make her way towards him.

And it turns out, Marry Me Now SA viewers love a happy ending and when they saw Xolani crying, they came through with the ohhhhs and aaaahhhs.

Watch Thembisile and Xolani's journey in the clip below: