Would you marry your person either way? – Makoti, are you the one?

17 March 2022
Family is very important but is that enough to make you leave the person that you love?
Makoti S1

It has been a very wild ride watching what the potential wives have had to go through while living with their potential mothers-in-law for a solid 21 days on #MakotiAreYouTheOne.


It takes a very brave and surely very much in-love couple to choose to go through this route of ukukotiza before they get married because then they must be willing to withstand everything that comes with it and won’t be shaken by anything anyone says.

The ladies, Lona, Gcina and Ntombi have gone through the most these past few weeks trying to prove that they are worthy to be married but their mothers-in-law haven’t made it easy. Is not being liked reason enough to not get married anymore though remains the question.


Ntombi and Nhlanhla’s family

In Nhlanhla’s words “It’s not that Ntombifuthi makes a lot of mistakes, they just don’t like her” 😢 and that is enough to break anyone’s spirit. Ntombi however though, has tried by all means to out in the effort to make them like her but it seems that’s just wishful thinking at this point.

Nhlanhla stands up for Ntombi every chance he gets but the women in his life are adamant that they would rather have his ex as their Makoti. It just gets worse!


Lona on the other hand;

It doesn’t get any better over on this side either. Lona has been on thin ice with Sipho’s mother ever since she moved in with her. The sneaking out is where is started, the alcohol and then falling pregnant but even with all of that, Lona has tried to fic her ways but the approval isn’t coming as quick. 😩

One thing about Sipho, he is consistent in defending his woman and making his family see that she tries and they should give her a break but it’s landing on deaf ears.


Anything is possible when people are in love but when your family doesn’t see themselves welcoming your partner into your family whole heartily, it might be the most difficult thing that you would have to go through as a couple. Sipho and Nhlanhla are willing to fight for their love and whether that will work out for them remains to be seen.

We wish them all the best!


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