Wise words Somizi left us with

14 July 2022
Week in and out we've had the pleasure of receiving some wise words on Downtime with Somizi

It has been an amazing 13 weeks of getting to know some of our celebrated names in the entertainment industry a little bit more. This has all been thanks to Somizi who after a long time in a pandemic decided that it would be great to invite some celebrities who happen to be some of his favourite people to have some well-deserved downtime before getting back to their busy lives.

There's been a skhaftin segment at the end of each episode which quickly became everyone's favourite because of the profound messages that Somizi would leave with us after the converstions that he has with his guests and they all left us feeling warm and inspired. If you missed them or some, here are all of the takeaways;

EP 1 - Let go and let God

EP 2 - Timing is everything

EP 3 - I would rather die standing than live on my knees 

EP4 - Just love

EP 5 - Allow your children to live their purpose

EP 6 - Let them underestimate you

EP 7 - Be in tune with what the universe is saying to you

EP 8 - Make a great opportunity by starting small

EP 9 - No idea is useless

EP 10 - There are no shortcuts to longevity

EP 11 - He is the God of many chances

EP 12 - A kind heart keeps you light

EP 13 - Do not hide who you are and what you believe in


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