Why We Love Superstore's America Ferrera

18 April 2018
She's gorgeous, she's funny and one of a kind. Here's more reasons why we love America Ferrera.

America Ferrera has an outstanding comic portfolio under her belt and sure knows how to get a crowd laughing. She's totally nails her role as the adorable and somewhat rather eccentric Amelia "Amy" Dubanowski  on Superstore, a character we have come to love and cherish. Well there's more than just funny bones when it comes to this this free spirited soul. This is why we love America:

She's an activist by heart and is a member of the HARNESS group that help make changes in the lives of people in the community. She is definetly a peoples person.

America won't stop there. She also mentors NYC girl scouts! She certainly makes a great role model

Family means everything to her. Her and husband, Ryan Piers Williams are expecting their first child soon and still know how to be fun and silly. (We so wish we were invited to this baby shower!)

She will make one awesome mom! She's ready to meet her bundle of joy and believes in reading to her "baby bump", now that's too adorable!

She is a great actress and co-star on and off set. She enjoys the comapny of her equally talented co-star, Ben Feldman who directed a recent epsiode of Superstore. (Not sure if he approves of her driving skills though.)

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