What to watch this November on 1Magic

30 October 2018
Get the scoop on new shows coming to 1Magic in November.
New shows on 1Magic

If you’re looking for some fun and a broad range of TV offerings, then you want to stick with 1Magic for all our new shows starting this November. With a reality show, a comedy featuring Cedric the Entertainer and Damon Wayans Jr. (yes, you’re in for a good dose of comedy), November on 1Magic has something for you too.

Check out the list below to see how you’ll be entertained this month.

Happy Together Season 1, Thursdays

In this comedy, Damon Wayans Jr. and Amber Stevens West star as accountant Jake and restaurant designer Claire – a happily married couple in their 30s who have fallen comfortable, yet boring life.

However, things get shaken up when Cooper James, Jake’s client and famous singer, breaks up with his girlfriend and asks to move in with Jake and Claire until the paparazzi is off his back.

The Neighborhood Season 1, Thursdays

Cedric the Entertainer who stars as Calvin Butler in his multi-camera sitcom is unhappy about the Johnsons (a white Midwestern family) moving next door to his home in a predominantly black L.A. suburb. Calvin’s worry is that the Johnsons’ move is an early indicator that the neighbourhood will soon be “refined” so to speak.

Calvin’s wife Tina, played by Tichina Arnold, doesn’t see the Johnsons as a threat at all. She welcomes the family with open arms, and very soon, befriends Gemma Johnson. Culture clashes are bound to arise, but can the two families find a common ground?

Random Acts of Flyness Season 1, Tuesdays

Random Acts of Flyness is a series produced by Terence Nance. The six-episode documentary delves into cultural expressions including white supremacy and patriarchy.  Each episode of Random Acts of Flyness shows a mix of musical performances and humorous animation.

Marry Me Now SA Season 1, Fridays

As a first of its kind in South Africa, Marry Me Now SA, hosted by Talitha Ndima, takes proposals to a whole new level. Ordinary South African women make the ultimate move when they propose to their partners with the hope that they’ll say “Yes”!

See more on the hot new reality show right here.

The bride-to-be has only 3 days to plan her proposal and dream wedding! There will be excitement, there will be shock, but most importantly, they’ll be love!

If the latest and best in local and international entertainment is your thing, you’ll love what 1Magic has to offer all week long. Tune in to DStv Channel 103 to catch all your faves, and stream any show you’ve missed on DStv NOW!