What to expect on The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion

15 June 2022
It’s going to be a wild one!
EPG Image Real Housewives of New Jersey

The Real Housewives of New Jersey have been nothing but hectic this season because some of the women carried over their beefs from last season while some started new ones and the only positive thing that came out of it was Jennifer and Melissa squashing theirs.

Teresa the confronter

If there’s something Teresa will do without needing to be asked is stand up for and against her family. The drama filled trailer shows her going in on her brother Joe (as she does 😩) about defending her and not letting anyone speak about her relationship.

While that’s happening, another confrontation breaks down between her and Melissa about her wedding. Melissa is baffled that she didn’t get asked to be a bridesmaid when she marries Luis when she has been there for Teresa through everything but she’s even ore baffled at the fact that she preaches about how much she loves her family but when it’s time to show just how much, she fails every single time. 😢

At the end of it all, Joe shocks everyone and storms off stage.


The boxing match continues

Remember Margaret and Teresa’s feud? Yes that one, it’s still continuing and Teresa is still defending her man even though everybody else honestly feels exactly how Margaret has been feeling the whole season.

Speaking of Margaret, you will be pleased with the surprise that her husband Joe B has everyone. If there’s going to be anything good that comes out of these reunion episodes, it will be his new look. 👌


The shaky marriage

Jennifer and Bill’s marriage has been an on-going topic this season, much to their annoyance especially when it comes to how it got out that Bill cheated when Jennifer was nine months pregnant. One would think that it would remain a secret since it happened years ago but that one would have to be someone who’s never seen how housewives operate.

While talking to the husbands, Andy does what everyone has been waiting for and that’s to ask everything they’ve been dying to ask and finally get to hear Bill talk about it. 😫


The reunion looks

It’s simple… they did not disappoint! 😍


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