What to expect from Power Book IV: Force

24 January 2023
If you are an avid fan of Power Book, you may also be a big fan of Joseph Sikora's character, Tommy. You will love the new season of Power Book IV: Force as it's now Tommy's story.
Man wearing black with his arms crossed

He was introduced to us as Ghost’s best friend and right-hand man. Their relationship was strong but not without its challenges and fallouts, but they continued to look out for each other until Ghost lay dying in his arms. After Ghost’s death, Tommy decided to leave New York to protect himself as the empire he built with Ghost was no more.


He sets off to California with a small stopover in Chicago. He had planned to close some loose ends in Chicago and start afresh in sunny California, but Chicago had another plan for him. This is where Powerbook IV: Force starts, with a goodbye to Ghost and a hello to Tommy’s future. This season is about Tommy and his journey to rebuild since he only has the clothes on his back, a bag of cash and some firearms for protection since his departure was rushed. Considering where he came from with his own house and apartment, this was a big fall from grace. Chicago became a fresh start for him, and he wasted no time getting embroiled in the drug scene as he could not pass up an opportunity to make money and prove himself.


He journeys to find his new ‘family’ and make a name for himself while building an empire. How will he fare? Will we see any of the old cast in this new season?  Join Tommy on his California/Chicago adventure as he takes over new spaces the only way that Tommy can. Watch Powerbook IV: Force on #1Magic every Tuesday at 22:00.