V-Entertainment takes on the SA fashion business

16 March 2018
"Remember, South Africa is a season behind."
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As young as it is, the South African fashion industry continues to grow, transform and evolve in leaps and bounds.

It wasn't long ago that everything we saw our red carpets was a spinoff of something we've seen somewhere before, ten times. Though thankfully these days, some of the best-styled local and global campaigns are conceptualised by our very own fashion innovators, and there are enough names to populate a best dressed Top 10 best-dressed celebrity list without compromising credibility. 

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That said, there are many questions floating around about whether or not the industry can confidently speak of a uniquely South African aesthetic in a context where we are heavily influenced by Western fashion standards. "We have to remember that South Africa is a season behind", notes Don Design, one of the creative visionaries who are part of the roundtable Special panel. The truth is, he says, once America and Europe are done with the trends they've set for themselves for a season, we pick up on that benchmark and appropriate it locally. 

Consisting of Paledi, Alan Foley, Lufuno Sethekge, Don Design and Barbiliscious, and Moozlie hosting, the panel add their insight in the unpacking of the local fashion landscape. They discuss the gulf between streetwear and high fashion, the disruptive and definitive role played by the emergence of brand influencers in shaping the business, as well as the standard of style when it comes to what we see on the red carpet. Which, time and again, some have slammed as repetitive and uninspired.

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