V-Entertainment: Stream the After Party Live!

16 August 2018
Ephemeral gets real as we bring you an exclusive 'Afterparty' of tonight's live broadcast of V-Entertainment! That is, catch a live glimpse of everything you won't see on air.
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Sometimes the most fascinating conversations between celebrities and V-Entertainment presenters happen before and after the cameras have stopped rolling. A huge chunk of the fun may never make it for the thirty minutes the show is on air. And besides, there's a couple of things no one in their right mind would wanna say on live television! Yet, the people want the real, unfettered juice! 

Well, to you glimpses into what your faves are really like once we go off the air, we've kept the cameras rolling! The conversation continues and becomes completely uncensored, far more authentic and in many ways, more fun. We've been banging out those Afterparty digital exclusives on this page for a few weeks already. 

Tonight we take things a step further as we stream the whole moment live for you on Twitter through Periscope. The live stream will give you, the viewer, an opportunity to interact live with the guests and presenters as you can still send through questions and comments as it all happens. 

See you back here at 19:00!