Unpacking the premiere episode of Makoti, Are You The One?

14 January 2022
It was only the first episode but it’s already looking tricky.
Makoti Are You The One? article

What could possibly go wrong when you decide to move into your potential mother-in-law’s home for 21 days in hopes of getting her approval and letting her son marry you? Well, a lot can go sideways and such is the case here when potential makotis take this chance on Makoti, Are You The One?

On the premiere episode last Friday on #1Magic, we got to meet all the couples who are madly in love and equally brave to go through with this journey. Some are trying to show how serious they are while others are doing it to get their families to like their significant others in order to have peace and work towards marrying them.


Gcina and Sabelo

Their relationship had some rocky phases when they started to date. Having met Gcina while he was expecting his fourth baby, Sabelo made her the side lady in his life and after breaking up at some point, they eventually got back together and had their own baby.

Even though the family didn’t quite believe that Gcina is for sure the one, she is still going to move into her potential mother-in-law’s house to hopefully be Mrs Mkhonto for real.


Sipho and Lorna

Lorna wasn’t afraid to shoot her shot when she met Sipho who is a taxi driver. Sis made going to the taxi rank more than just about going to work but to make sure that she sees him which eventually led to them getting into a relationship.

Now, not being able to have a bev while at her in-laws will soon become the least of Lorna’s problems. She first had to deal with her shocked mother and now awaiting worse to come.


Ntombifuthi and Nhlanhla

These two have known each other for a very long time, primary school long time. While they parted ways at some point, they found their wa back to each other but now Nhlanhla’s family has had a problem with him wanting to settle down with a woman who already has a child that isn’t his.

Between Ntombi having a baby and them having a problem with how she dresses, it’s about to be quite trick in that household since they’ve already had a fight before.


Mbongeni and Lindiwe

A doctor and a receptionist both from Port Shepstone Hospital are madly in love and met in a funny way at work over the phone until meeting each other and the rest was history.

Lindiwe wants to go and kotiza to show them the kind of person that she is especially since they feel as though she’s not suitable enough for him.


Listen, it’s only about to get messier but that may lead to happiness at the end. Catchup on the first episode on the DStv App HERE before the journey continues tonight.

Watch Makoti, Are You The One? Fridays at 20:30 on #1Magic