Twitter doesn’t take Cobra’s arrest well at all

09 October 2018
Cobra's friends' bad influence and inability to say no lead to his arrest.
cobra the river

Cobra’s people-pleasing tendencies and inability to say no, finally led to his downfall last night on The River, and although many people saw his imminent arrest coming, they couldn’t deal with it when it happened.

After MaPercente convinced Oupa, Cobra and Tshabalala to execute another heist – the biggest one yet – the trio put up an act as hobos, stopping a cash-in-transit van in its tracks and robbing it. At first, it seemed that they had successfully executed the heist, but things took a turn for worst when Zweli and Julia received a tip-off about the robbery.

From there it was doomsday for the boys, as they eventually found themselves surrounded in the cash van by police on Nelson Mandela Bridge with what seemed like no escape route. Finding a rope in the van, MaPercente and DiPapas made a run for it, leaving an overwhelmed Cobra in the van.

In a failed attempt to escape the police, Cobra was apprehended, much to Malefu, Dimpho and Zweli’s surprise. His arrest also had many viewers emotional.

How Cobra will come back from this major blow, we don't know yet, especially when Malefu fought tooth and nail for her papi. Catch The River every Monday to Friday to see how this story develops, and follow the conversation using #TheRiver1Magic.

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