Tumi and Mabutho’s Secret Is Out – The River

23 October 2020
Just when we thought Mbali’s accident and subsequent death would never be discovered, Lindani finds out the truth.
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Secrets always have a way of coming out. No matter how hard we try to hide them, they always find their way out. For many who had thought Mbali’s death had been buried for good, Lindani unexpectedly learnt the truth in the latest episode of The River. How you may ask, well let us fill you in…

Although Mabutho and Tumi’s relationship has been marred with so much drama, they finally sealed the deal when their respective families came together to discuss and finalise lobola for Tumi. Surprisingly, the was little drama between the Dlomos and the Dikanas during the proceedings. Even Lindiwe, who at first was against Tumi and Mabutho’s rushed relationship and who’s usually front and centre of all the drama, was more than cordial as the families came to an agreement.

Meanwhile, back in Refilwe, Charlie and Beauty were surprised by Lindani’s silence. They poked and jabbed at him, but Mr Dlomo very unconvincingly told the two that he is going to let Mabutho and Tumi be.

However, unbeknownst to Mabutho and Tumi, Lindani made his way to the Dikana’s mansion, we guess in an effort to talk to Tumi. For the longest time, Mabutho and Tumi have gone on about their lives while maintaining this HUGE secret between them. And for the first time in a very long time, guilt forced Tumi to bring up Mbali’s accident again. Mo’ghel shared how guilty she was feeling from the whole ordeal – accidentally killing Mbali has been eating her up. Mabutho reassured her that it was okay to let Mbali go and free herself from the tragedy.

While sharing their secret, Mabutho and Tumi did not realise that Lindani was standing behind them listening in on every detail. What this means for Mabutho and Tumi, only time will tell.

However, do you think Lindani will use this information to his advantage?

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