Trevor Jackson on the how relatable Grown-Ish is for everyone

14 June 2018
There's something relatable for everyone on Grown-ish says Trevor Jackson.
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On the Freeform series, Trevor Jackson portrays Aaron Jackson – a politically woke 2nd-year student who also happens to be Zoey’s love interest. Speaking to Teen Vogue, Trevor shared a few lessons he’s taken away from starring on Grown-ish.

I haven’t learnt everything about Aaron, but I know much more than I did from playing the character, Trevor told Teen Vogue.

“[Aaron] takes pride in his culture and who he is and all the amazing things they’ve done. He sticks up for his rights and fights for what he believes in,” Trevor said. His response coming from a place that Aaron leads the Black Student Union and takes college as an opportunity to motivate those around him to civil action.

These characteristics have seeped into my own life, Trevor continued. “I’m definitely inspired and definitely want to learn more about people that have come before me.”

This is a sentiment which is expressed in a few themes in the series, including the fact that no one always has their ducks in a row at all times.

Speaking about his love for his fellow Grown-ish costars, Trevor said: “everyone on the cast is AMAZING!”

The show gives each cast member their own voice, he added. “There’s someone on the show you can relate to regardless of who you are or where you’re at. It’s inspiring and gives you a different view.”

Catch Trevor Jackson as Aaron Jackson every Thursday at 19:30 on Grown-ish.

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