Top 5 drama moments of 2021

07 December 2021
Drama will always be served on our 1Magic shows and here are some from this year!
The River dramatic moment

One thing you can always count on when it comes to our very entertaining shows is the drama that keeps us on the edge of our seats and clutching our pearls.

We’re only a few weeks away from saying goodbye to the year that was, looking back at all the moments that came with it and getting ready to brace up for the year ahead of us. Before we get to experience everything coming, it’s only right to look back and so we’ve put together the Top 5 moments that gave us all the drama.


Madlabantu even to her own!


Talk about jaw on the floor! We’ve seen Lindiwe go out of her way to protect herself on many occasions but never thought it would one day result in her taking out her own child, more so one that she had abandoned and had started to build a relationship. When Tumi started connecting with Mohumi, she had no idea that it was only his plot to get back at Lindiwe and in her attempt to expose her mother, she unfortunately didn’t make it out of the plane alive.


From cheating to attempted murder

Lingashoni premiered with guns blazing, literally. It was right from the first episode when Mandla caught his wife Puleng cheating with his driver Papi and it was downhill from there. We got to watch the most shocking first episode that went from cheating to attempted murder when Mandla got thrown into the river after witnessing the cheating drama in his own bedroom.


Besties fall out too…unfortunately

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Now this is the biggest and most heart breaking fallout we’ve experienced. Not only was it so unexpected but it also lasted longer than anyone could handle because how could Issa and Molly possibly not get along anymore when they are meant to be forever?

Well, after a sour ending in season 4 when they drifted apart and actually stopped talking when Molly responded with a “It’s just, you know your life don’t have to be this messy, right?” when she found out Issa had gotten back with Lawrence, our jaws found a residence on the floor!


Mother and daughter reunite at last

It had been tense since the first day Mabalwa arrived for her first day as an intern where her biological mother, Agnes works and it was only a matter of time before the truth came out finally.

Mabalwa took the internship not only to work on building her career but mainly to be up close and personal with her mother, to see her every move and whether or not she would even notice. After being there for some time, she was able to bring herself to confront her and boy was it an emotional scene that left us all in tears.


Hold up everyone, it’s a robbery!

March is the month and Legacy bank is where it all went down when the three musketeers Khabzela, Thuso and Mabutho decided to test fate and go rob a bank, a bank! After trying different avenues of getting money which of course involved crime because Thuso and Mabutho were part of it, they saw it fit to take it a couple of notches up and rope in Khabzela in the process.

The fact that it was a successful robbery that saw them leave with a lot of money wasn’t even the shock but rather the fact that they managed to escape the police and get the people of Refilwe on their side. Talk about drama!  



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