The River's Lindiwe Struggles to Face Reality

09 March 2020
Lindiwe can't bring herself to accept that her first daughter Tumi, could be behind the death of her last born, Mbali.
Lawrence Maleka The River

Lindiwe is a lot of things. But one thing many can agree on is that she’s not naïve. At least we didn’t think so up until recently. However, lately on The River, she’s proving quite the contrary.

Lindiwe and Zolani Go After Mbali’s Killer

After Tshabalala revealed that Mbali’s death was no accident, Lindiwe and Zolani set out to find the person who killed Mbali. Without any conclusive evidence of the killer, Lindiwe went on a torturing spree, tormenting and killing anyone which suspected of killing Mbali. The first being the mechanic who serviced her car. When it became evident that the mechanic was innocent, Lindiwe moved on to Minister Joyful.

The two obviously have history and it made sense to Lindiwe that Minister Joyful would want revenge after Lindiwe framed her a death. Not one to be rattled by Lindiwe, Minister Joyful made it very clear that she wouldn’t ruin her life over a loser like Lindiwe. This left Lindiwe with no choice but to let the minister go, and to go back to the drawing board. Next on her list was Tshabalala. This time Lindiwe concluded that Tshabalala had access to the Dikana’s home and security pins. Without a second thought, Zolani and Lindiwe tortured Tshabalala until he was lifeless.

Tumi Becomes the Suspect

Now if there’s one person who seems to be at the wrong place at the wrong time it’s Tumi. As if Mabutho overhearing her confession to Rakgadi wasn’t enough, she had to walk in on Lindiwe and Zolani torturing Tshabalala. And because her conscience got the better of her, she came back later and released Tshabalala from the mine workshop.

Obviously, it was clear to Zolani at least that Tumi had set Tshabalala free. However, Lindiwe refused to believe that Tumi had been involved in the police officer’s disappearance. While his aunt was battled to accept the possibility, Zolani wasn’t letting Tumi off the hook. And it didn’t help that he found the pliers Tumi had used to tamper with Lindiwe’s car’s brakes.

Not letting his supposed theory go, Zolani pieced the pieces of puzzle perfectly and presented them to Lindiwe who was not hearing any of it. It didn’t matter what Zolani said, Lindiwe could not bring herself to accept that Tumi may have accidentally killed Mbali in revenge of Lindani almost dying at Lindiwe’s hands. Things got so bad between uAuntie and Zolani that they got physical.

When have Lindiwe and Zolani ever gotten physical?

Eventually, Lindiwe had to face the facts. Tumi had access to their home, there was a chance that Tumi have wanted to revenge Lindani’s shooting and the initialled pliers were either Tumi’s or her father Thato Mokoena. Either way, they were linked to the Mokoenas.

She’s asked Zolani to help her prove his theory, which Zolani has vowed to do at any cost.

What lengths will they go to prove that Tumi killed Mbali? Are we edging closer to Lindiwe learning the truth? And what will she do if she finds out?

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