The River's Lindiwe Bids Farewell to Mbali In Emotional Scene

04 February 2020
Alone with her daughter for the last time, Lindiwe says goodbye to her daughter.
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Over the past couple of months, Lindiwe has proved time and time again that she is as tough as nails - nothing can keep her down. When faced with hardship, Lindiwe will do whatever it takes to overcome the obstacle, hence her tagline "After me comes Kalashnikov". Even during this difficult time when the Dikanas have been mourning Mbali's passing, Lindiwe has managed to numb the pain.

We've seen Zweli cry countless times over the loss of their daughter, Mbali - whether it's been silent cries in his daughter's room or listening to voice messages that were sent by Mbali to him, Zweli has gone through the emotions of losing his daughter. Even Andile and Zolani have shed a tear through this tragedy. Not forgetting Mam'Flora who while attempting to clear Mbali's room couldn't hold back the tears as she folded each of Mbali's garments.

Lindiwe, on the other hand, has gone through these last couple of days without as much as a tear rolling down her face. However, all of that came to an end when she came down the stairs to have a final word with her deceased daughter. 

You'll remember that the last conversation she had with Mbali was when her daughter confronted her about all the lies she'd fed her and when Mbali expressed her horror and utter disappointment in realising that her mom had indeed committed all the atrocities she was accused of. This was right before Mbali ran out of the house and later died.

With her daughter's coffin now standing in their lounge, Lindiwe took the opportunity to talk to her daughter for the last time. She asked Mbali how she could leave her so soon when there were so many occasions that she was still looking forward to witnessing. Unable to put on her brave face any longer, Lindiwe broke down in what was the most emotional scene we've ever seen on The River.

Although Lindiwe has committed many crimes in the past and hurt countless people in the process, one thing many can agree with is that no parent should ever have to bury their own child.

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