The Real Housewives of Miami make a return

24 March 2022
It’s been on a break but now the shade resumes!

Making their entry into the “Real Housewives” franchise, we got introduced to the feisty women of Miami and all the shade that comes with them. These women are at the centre of the housewives universe and take us on a ride where we get to see all that makes them who they are.

We quickly got immersed and were shattered when they went on a production break and this was after we saw how Alexia and her family were trying to navigate life through all the challenges they come across, Larsa coming to terms with how different life is currently and the strained relationship that Nicole has with her father.


Since the show came back, it’s been very very interesting;

The wedding must go on

Yes, we’re still very much on Alexia’s wedding preparations and all the disappointments they have been coming with 😥. We can give Guerdy a bells in this department because sis has been working day and night to make sure all comes together without a glitch but we are talking about a wedding here so maybe rather not possible?

The ladies all came together to comfort Alexia after her favourite venue fell through causing them to go back to the drawing board and figure it all out.


You’ll never change

After being apart for a long time and not really having a close relationship to begin with, Nicole decides to meet and sit down with her father to see if they can salvage whatever that’s left and be able to move on. When he comes to their lunch intoxicated, with a bunch of flowers in hand and not acknowledging how hurt she is, this quickly goes south.

And now, after a confession of wanting more children and continuing to have fun, Nicole decided to step away and drove her while telling her mother that she’s the only parent she’ll ever need.

“You think you’re better than everyone”

One thing about Adriana, she can’t stand how she thinks Larsa treats her and everyone in their group. She accused her of thinking that she’s better than everyone else when she got angry when Adriana decided to tell a funny story about Kanye West (we all know how that would be sensitive to Larsa because Kardashians duh!)


Now that we’ve caught you up on what has been happening, the drama continues every weekdays at 19:00 on #1Magic