The journey to finding the one is not smooth – Love Life

25 November 2021
A new season of the romantic comedy is out and you need to get your popcorn.
love life s2

More often than not humans stay being on the journey of finding the “one”, that person that will watch your favourite movies no matter what, let you steal their food, laugh at all your jokes, remain patient and ultimately grow old with you.


Love Life is a romantic comedy anthology series created by Sam Boyd starring Anna Kendrick and William Jackson Harper. This warm, fascinating and funny watch shows us how the people you are with along the way make you into who you are when you finally end up with someone forever.

We meet Darby Carter who searches for love throughout her 20s and 30s, often in all the wrong places, while the people she meets along the way leave a lasting impression. This journey isn’t always smooth sailing and we get to see all the ups and downs of trying to find the one, going from first love to lasting love.


If you are looking for a good watch that will not only entertain you but make you see that many people go through the uncertain journey to love too then grab a drink and some snacks and head on over to Showmax to binge two seasons of this how.