The drama you need in your life – Showmax recommendations

27 September 2022
We’ve got you covered with all the shows that will keep you glued to your screen.
The vibe on 1M

The vibe is set on #1Magic, as we do and now we’re leading you to more of this amazing content on Showmax. The lives of these adults getting through life comes with a bunch of amazing things accompanied by the mess and working hard to constantly prove themselves and we’re here for it all.


Opening a new chapter

The vibe starts over here with the spin-off of All American that came in hot and did the things that needed to be done. Though we get to see Simone Hicks in a different light on All American: Homecoming, from the high school student that excelled in tennis but later felt like her life was over when she fell pregnant with Jordan Baker’s baby, the baby that she later gave up for adoption.

After moving away, we get to see Hicks trying to get her spark back while also falling in love with tennis again and creating a whole new life in university. The drama that follows is when she is forced to either stay with Jordan or continue with the new tip that she’s on and give Damon a chance.

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The high baller life

It’s amazing when the money comes in but the tricky part is when it has to be spent especially when the players earning it, don’t have a responsible person to help them use it wisely, and that’s where Spencer Strasmore comes in.

As a retired NFL player, Strasmore knows a whole lot about the excitement that players go through when they get their big cheques so he navigates his new career of choice as the financial manager of NFL players.

Watch Ballers on Showmax: Click here


The move came with the good and the bad

A re-imagination of the beloved sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air takes us through a new and dramatic take on Will's complicated journey from the streets of West Philadelphia to the grand rich life in Bel-Air. Game, a gun, and prison is what it took for Will to move with his aunt Vivian and uncle Phil Banks and their three children in a lavish mansion. It’s been tricky to navigate since.

Bel-Air comes with its challenges in the form of cousin rivalry and Will learning to exist in a world far different from the one he’s always known but soon enough, he creates his own that everyone else loves and eventually doesn’t see the need to leave anymore.

Bel-Air is too good, do not walk but run. Watch here


Who will take charge?

Created and produced by Janine Sherman Barrois, and executively produced by Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Films, this series follows a wealthy family in the wine business.

After the death of their father, three siblings have the hard task of adjusting to how different their lives are about to get with their new roles in the family business. This however doesn’t come with its fair bit of drama as they all want the control and will do anything to be the one at the top.

Watch The Kings of Napa on Showmax: Click here


Based on a true story

This is simply a must-see. We Own This City is a six-part drama that takes us to the streets of Baltimore and it is based on the non-fiction book of the same name by journalist Justin Fenton.

We get to see The Baltimore Police Department's Gun Trace Task Force attempt to fulfil its duty while navigating through the things that the city goes through with the big one being corruption.

Watch as the series on Showmax as it details the rise and fall of the department: Click here


We did say we got you with the fire content so head on over to Showmax now and get your binge on!