One dead body shakes up the community on The Chi!

19 April 2018
A dead body begins the unravelling of shocking events that connect different characters in unexpected ways. Welcome to the south side of Chicago!
The Chi

Lena Waithe has crafted an authentic portrait of African American reality on the south side of Chicago on critically acclaimed television series, The Chi. Written and co-produced by both Waithe and Common Elwood Reid, the series explores various themes through the unravelling events ignited by a tragic event that connects various characters in unexpected ways.

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But, instead of belabouring graphic aspects of the violence that sets the tone to the show in the first episode, The Chi gives viewers a more nuanced look into the psychological complexities of the different characters through whose own personal battles we must understand everything that happens in this 'hood'. 

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Nothing is removed from a bigger reality on The Chi, which is perhaps why the second murder unkinks from a web of complicated, and tragically misguided reactions to an unsolved murder of a teenager in the neighbourhood.

While the wider community come to terms with the murder related killing at the same time as they collectively express grief in various forms that include street art and cynicism at the inefficiencies of the local justice system, those more intimately connected to the dead body desperately seek vengeance. 

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From there we are led to the tragic killing of Coogie, a 16-year-old free spirit who had just recently found himself at the crime scene where he took the liberty of stealing some jewellery and sneakers from the dead young man's dead body. 

The Chi airs Tuesdays at 21:30 on 1Magic, DStv channel 103. Tune in and join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #1Magic to connect!