The Book Of John Gray - Everything You Need To Know

31 August 2020
Tune in for laughs and awe inspiring stories.
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Pastor John Gray has risen up through the ranks of the church to deliver sermons and life-changing advice in impactful, and often humorous, ways that have gained him much favour with believers. On The Book of John Gray, a daily dramedy and docuseries hybrid that airs on 1 Magic Mondays to Thursdays at 18:00, he offers viewers layers to this personality, along with heartwarming doses of "intentional entertainment". 

The one-hour show follows the pastor as he helps people facing problems and challenges that run across the spectrum. Gray, who is an associate pastor at Houston's Lakewood Church under Pastor Joel Osteen, opens up his life and world as his ministry continues growing.

This success has come along with increasing fame and success elsewhere. The Associate Pastor has become known for his boisterous, funny, and unconventional ways. Here, he takes us along awe-inspiring missions as he uses his wisdom, discernment and sprinkles of humour to help people overcome their greatest challenges. 

Catch some feel-good television on 1Magic, DStv channel 103 from Monday through Thursday at 18:00, and be sure to to keep a pack of tissues near you!

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