'The Biggest Loser USA' is Airing on 1Magic

09 March 2021
Trimming down and leveling up on 'The Biggest Loser USA'

One of the few contexts in which 'losing' is positive is when it comes to weight loss. Billions around the world will relate; torching those extra kilos is no walk in the park. Except, of course, shedding extra weight might require constant walks around the said park.

On The Biggest Loser USA, a group of overweight and obese contestants battle it out for an ultimate cash prize while competing to lose the most weight! The contestant who loses the most percentage in weight compared to their starting weight walks away with the ultimate prize. 

The upside is that even those who do not win the prize still walk away from the show with their snatched bodies! Sounds like nothing but fun, except some of the challenges on the reality television series are anything BUT. 

Each season of the show kicks off with a 30-week competition. In the beginning, every contestant's weight must be confirmed and recorded. It's against this number their progress, or lack thereof, will be determined. 

The contestants are then grouped in threes, each identified by a shirt from their group. The groups then work with personal trainers as their quest begins. There's also a medical professional making sure nothing goes wrong. 

Follow their journey on the 18th season of The Biggest Loser USA, airing Tuesdays at 19:00 on 1Magic, DStv channel 103.