Ten things we will NOT miss about Januworry

31 January 2023
Join us in bidding farewell to one of our least favourite months, January.
time to say goodbye

  1. The holiday season is over, so that means we must pack away our holiday hats and put on our daily hats. Who was ready for that?
  2. The smell of braai meat everywhere normally meant that you would be invited to a braai if you were not already hosting one. Now that smell and the braai’s are scarce.
  3. Seeing family we had not seen during the year and so much quality time spent with family. Now we are back in our bubbles.
  4. For many people, January usually means a month of detoxing or fasting, and this, though great for your mind and body, can be very hard.
  5. We have enjoyed less traffic on the roads during the festive season, so now that things are back to normal, people are back at work, and the kids are back at school, which means more traffic on the roads.
  6. Coming face to face with your December decisions may mean your waistline may be bigger, and your wardrobe may feel a bit snug.
  7. When you get your first kind regards email or hear the teams meeting, say goodbye to speaking casually; we must don our work hats and remember proper English, as we cannot be unprofessional in the workplace.
  8. Waiting for our paycheck to come in since we may have lived it up a little too much during the festive period, so now our wallet has too many cobwebs.
  9. Getting back to the gym after the festive season is no small feat; everything aches and creaks, and that summer body is now looking soft. So hello, stiff muscles and the dreaded leg day.
  10. Last but certainly not least, we will not miss the worrying that comes with January. We have a beautiful life to live that absolutely must be lived so we can now focus on living it and thriving.


Life is a beautiful experience, and it may have its ups and downs, but there is still air in your lungs; there is much to be celebrated.

Life may not be fair, but that is how you learn integrity.

Life may not be easy, but that only makes you stronger.

Life may bring us hardship, but we grow more thankful that we can endure.

Life may be boring sometimes; it may be time to pick up a new hobby.

Life may sometimes not make sense; you better embrace the puzzle and solve it. Januworry has taught us a lot, but it will not be missed. Goodbye Januworry, thank you for the life lessons.