Tamar on divorcing Vince: 'I've definitely filed'

05 March 2018
And she's livid that some people think it's all staged for ratings
Tamar Braxton

Everyone was deeply saddened by the news that Tamar Braxton and her husband Vince were getting divorced towards the end of 2017 (except of course, vultures).

But while most were bummed to see the lovely couple part ways after giving all of us faith in love on their reality show Tamar & Vince,  some have continued to dismiss the divorce as nothing more than a publicity stunt to beef up the show's plotlines, while also boosting the ratings. 

Nothing could be further from the truth, according to the RnB singer.

Hitting back at those who've suggested the divorce is a publicity stunt on The View, Braxton said the idea she'd go that far for ratings is misguided at best.

"I have absolutely no reason to lie about my marriage for ratings... I think that's disgusting and I would never sell my soul to the devil like that. It's not that serious", she said. 

Tamar also took the opportunity to confirm that she had definitely filed for divorce from Vince, and that the parents of two are now living apart. 

Later invited to join Tamar on the hot table, Vince shot down rumours that he's expecting a child with another woman, saying "I love this lady with all my heart, I love my family with all my heart and I will never stop fighting for my family." 

Tamar and Vince continue figuring things out on Tamar & Vince, Mondays at 19:00 on 1Magic, DStv channel 103. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images