Simply just love – Downtime with Somizi

17 May 2022
It was another inspiring episode of our favourite downtime.
Gugu and DJ Tira

Taking the time to breathe from the chaos that comes with life, stopping to smell the roses, and trying out something new and fun is all that Downtime with Somizi is about.


Start it off with a dance

One of the most celebrated talents in South Africa and businessman DJ Tira, along with his dancer turned businesswoman / wife Gugu Khathi, joined Somizi for some downtime followed by supper and great conversations.

For their activity, it was a day at the dance studio which was especially exciting for Gugu since this is her territory and DJ Tira was happy to join in on the fun. The smooth dance of Kizomba was the order of the day and of course Somizi represented with a yellow ensemble that had a lot of personality. 😅


The most consistent man I’ve ever met


The couple is known for dressing to the nines at every occasion so they were of course going to bring it no matter what when it was time for dinner. We got to hear their beautiful love story, how they met and DJ Tira being the most consistent man that Gugu has ever met because he put in the effort until he called her his woman.

After mentioning that they are about to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary, Somizi came up with the idea of being their pastor so that they can say their vows which was really the cherry on top. They expressed their love and appreciation in the most beautiful way which makes it easy to see why they’ve been together for so long. 😍



Episode four takeaway

It was simple: Just Love. The theme of the night was love and what it takes to keep it forever once you’ve found your person so Somizi shared a reminder with all of us that it all starts with you. “It is pointless to want to feel love or give love when you don’t have all that it is within yourself,” he shared.

“Love is when even after you’ve kissed so many frogs, you don’t take an old brush to paint the new house. Not everybody is a frog and there is a prince/princess out there who is just as genuine as you are.” And that’s on period. ❤️


Downtime with Somizi continues Fridays at 20:30 on #1Magic and live on the DStv app.