Saying goodbye to the Mbalana family

25 February 2022
The family has decided to not continue with filming
Mbalana family #MakotoAYTO

It’s a show to test you, to test your relationship and the commitment you have to it and deciding to take the step to be on #MakotiAreYouTheOne is one of the biggest ways to show your partner that you are in it for the long haul and will do anything to make sure nothing stands in the way of that, not even your in-laws.

Port Shepstone is where they come from and where they met and decided they want to do life together and even though Mbongeni’s family had their reservations, Lindiwe thought it would be amazing to take the step of moving in with her mother-in-law.

Gogo (who we have come to love so much for her honesty and laid back/funny personality 💝) and the rest of the family welcomed her with warm arms and were ready to help her cook and dress like a Xhosa makoti and so their bonding began.


Unlike some of the other ladies, Lindiwe had a pretty good experience with her in-laws and after being away for some time, Mbongeni came back home to prepare for his woman’s proper welcome into the Mbalana family and what a thing of beauty it was.

After a slight unfortunate moment when Mbongeni refused to co-sign Lindiwe and Gogo’s trip to her home, it looked like he ruined the day but things took a turn for the good.


The Mbalana family welcomed her and even named her Limise which further confirms their love for her and wanting to see her prosper in building their family. The announcement that we will not be continuing the journey with them came unexpected and no one was pleased about it.


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