Power Book II Ghost Premieres on 1Magic

10 September 2020
Tariq and Tasha must survive a life after Ghost in the new spinoff
Tariq on Power S6

The death of Ghost sent shock waves around the land in the sixth and final season of Power aired on 1Magic. More shocking is how he was shot to his demise by his beloved son Tariq, who couldn't stand the sight of his disloyal father. And now that the posterity of Ghost's legacy is being explored on the highly buzzed spin-off, Power Book II: Ghost, it's time we recall the final moments of the show at the start of the new chapter. 


Ghost plunged from the second floor to his death at his True nightclub in New York. It was meant to have been a sentimental as he wrapped up the most vibrant part of his life as a thriving owner of the famed joint in New York City. With the prospect of becoming a governer on the cards, there was no longer reason for him to keep the club, which had doubled as a front for his drug trafficking business for years. What Ghost, real name James St. Patrick, didn't know is how his final moments at True would be the final moments of his life. 

With Tariq, Tasha and Tommy all on the hunt for him, it was inevitable that his end would hit him when he least expected it. After all, these are the family members he'd betrayed and traded in for his new life as a politician. He'd just cut all ties with his long-suffering wife Tasha, and had offered Tariq up to the cops to cover up his tracks. In a rage, Tariq blew up and the life of NYC's most feared drug criminal ended tragically. 



Lovers of the crime drama series were thrilled to learn that a spinoff to continue the journeys of the remaining character had already been commissioned. And after much wait, the spinoff premiered on 1magic on Monday at 21:30!

Power Book II follows Tariq as he navigates a new life. Ghost is dead, Uncle Tommy has ghosted the scene, Dre is dead and his mother, Tasha, is imprison taking the fall for him. But, instead of focusing being a freshman student in college, the stubborn Tariq stars making moves to try and get his mother out of the cells. 

The show kicked off with the fast-paced plot fans of Power loved. There's a slew of new characters, and Mary J Blige is amongst them!

Be sure to see how it all unravels Mondays at 21:30 on 1Magic, DStv channel 103.