Our favourite moments so far on The Bachelorette

28 November 2022
The Bachelorette has been giving us content from the jump, and we can't seem to get enough.
two women wearing green dresses holding roses

Instead of introducing us to one bachelorette, we were introduced to two besties who, after their shattering heartbreak from the last season with Cole, were given a chance to find love as the season 19 bachelorettes, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey. Here are some stand-out moments from the season thus far.


The Fashion and grand entrances

Gabby and Rachel's style is very different, but it does not disappoint in every episode. In the first episode, Rachel wore a gold dress with a slit for days to show off her athletic legs. Gabby wore a sheer black dress that spelt sexy. The men did not disappoint in their attire, which was fitted formal wear. Some came shirtless, which the ladies loved as it was different, and others came barefoot to show how 'grounded' they were. Another brought food as a meatball sub in case anyone was hungry. Did we mention the chicks that also wanted to be part of the action? They came and saw, but it was a mixed bag of emotions if their cute factor stole the ladies' hearts. We enjoyed every minute of the men vying for Rachel and Gabby for that coveted first impression rose. 

The Challenges

Right from the start, we knew this season would be like no other. Firstly because of the two Bachelorettes and so many men were vying for Rachel and Gabby's attention. One night would not suffice for the ladies to get to know the men, so they let the men know that they would not be sending anyone home, barring three men they did send home due to no chemistry. The men were excited to find this out, as most could not even talk to the ladies. This brings us to the swimsuit challenge. In an effort for the ladies to 'get to know the men properly, they were tasked with swimsuit competitions where they had to put their best foot forward. This had the men prepping with push up, baby oil for glistening muscles and, of course, flashing that smile that either made the ladies swoon or erupt in laughter. In a sea full of men, how do you stand out? Well by being yourself, of course, and this helped the ladies get to know their men better and had us in stitches as the men were dishing out the laughs and some terrible poetry and dance moves. It was all good fun, which we loved. 


The sisterhood

This was one of our favourites, as Rachel and Gabby had each other throughout their bachelorette journey. They could lean into each other for support, comfort and that much-needed voice of reason when things got tricky. Their journey to love has been very different, and watching women supporting each other has been a pleasure. These two besties had shown us grace and elegance with how they handled the challenging situations thrown at them, even when they had to escort people out who were not there for the right reasons. They wasted no time in such cases, which is good and shows the men that they were here to find love and not to play games. This gave the men a much-needed message to shape up or ship out.


Whatever these two will face, we know they will face it head-on and make the right decision for their hearts. This week we have the much-awaited home town dates; who will shine and fall deeper in love, and which relationship will wither into dust? Watch The Bachelorette at 20:30 on #1Magic to continue the journey with the fabulous Rachel and Gabby.