Ntombi has a supporter in Mkhulu – Makoti, are you the one?

25 March 2022
Besides Nhlanhla, Ntombi has someone else on her side now.
Makoti Are You The One? article

Since the dday we were not yet introduced to this couple and family, Nhlanhla’s family didn’t want Ntombi. They didn’t want to see her, talk to her and worse see her get married to their son.

Gogo and Nhlanhla’s mother made their opinions and thoughts crystal clear from the get and made sure that everyone else in the family thought exactly how they did. The one person that has taken a different lane is Mkhulu and has chosen to defend Ntombi every chance he gets.


Appreciation to Mkhulu

Ntombi has taken all the hurtful words, the stares, the comments about her cooking and basically everything she does all because she loves Nhlanhla and believes that it will all be worth it at the end no matter the treatment that she’s currently having to deal with.

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Last episode she decided that it would be great to cook the family a nice meal for lunch to show them that she can do it on her own but even with that, they still found a way to belittle her and pay her efforts dust. It was heading to a dark hole until Mkhulu joined the chat and told Ntombi that his mother and sister are these kind of people and she shouldn’t worry about them because they’ll always find something wrong with everything she does.


The smiles on Ntombi and Nhlanhla’s face, the annoyance on Gogo and Nhlanhla’s mother? Yup, we love to see it!

The families are giving their verdicts about the potential makotis tonight so don’t miss #MakotiAreYouTheOne at 20:30 on #1Magic