New seasons alert on 1Magic

25 April 2022
It’s about to get even more entertaining!
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One thing you can count on #1Magic for is the guarantee of amazing local and international shows with your favourites and even better than that, it’s the guarantee that as soon as a new season comes out, it will be on your screen in no time.

We’re kicking this month off with a few of our favourites that will keep you glued to our couch.  


Treat yourself to some Downtime

You can never go wrong with Somizi, whether you are in need of a good laugh or to leave the show motivated, he will have you sorted in just an hour. After the hectic time that the world has been going through for over two years now because of the COVID pandemic, on this first season Somizi invites two of the most celebrated names in South Africa per episode to have some downtime with a fun activity and then conversations over good food and drinks that let us into their lives and careers.

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Downtime with Somizi S1 airs every Friday at 20:30


Is it for keeps or just for now?

Relationships come with a lot and that includes being at a crossroad and not knowing if you want to be with your person forever or if exploring what’s out there would be what you need before you make that big decision. Couples come here to test their relationship and figure out who their hearts truly belong to.

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Temptation Island S4 airs every Thursday at 22:00


Life comes at you fast

Growing up is fun, scary, confusing and everthing else in between. These three friends, Enzo, Rea and Confidence who are tyring to navigate life and all the challenges that it comes with. They tackle relationships, friendships and careers all at once while trying to stay sane in the age of social media and their families.

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Unmarried is on every Friday at 20:30


He loves you, he loves you not

Then there’s finding love! You could view it as a drag or a chance to go on one hell of an adventure which could turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made. A Bachelor who in this case is, 28-year-old Clayton Echard will be going on this journey to find the one.

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See how it all pans out on The Bachelor S26  03 May at 18:30


Make it funny…always!

Robin Thede is back at it with S3 of this hilarious show, her and some of her guests will be continuing with their sketches of different situation that pop up in the world that we live in and make it very true but very funny. The new season promises to not disappoint.

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Don’t miss A Black Lady Sketch Show


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