Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars — Everything You Need To Know

30 September 2020
This season of Marriage Bootcamp assembles the most well known couples as their relationships get put through tests.
Marriage Bootcamp

Every once in a while, a reality show comes along that is as entertaining as it is helpful. Marriage Bootcamp, on the count of the show's very format, falls in this category. On your screens Mondays at 19:00 on 1Magic, the reality show seeks to help married couples figure out a way to navigate their troubles and revive the spark that once led them to take their vows. 

The reality show, which has taken up many different titles through franchises and syndication around the world, anchors each season on the premise of gathering a group of married and helping them to jump through a series of hoops to find their way to another side, together.

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It helps that the current 14th season is centred on the theme of 'Reality TV stars'. The season has assembled some of the most well-known couples from that universe to put their relationships to the test!

You are looking at a fascinating experience of different famous couples, a list that includes Souljah Boy and Ceelo Green, interact with their romantic partners in the most authentic ways. After all, part of the fun with Marriage Bootcamp lies in being able to see that beyond the romance and fluffy stuff, every couple must find common ground to things solid and moving. 

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