Mama knows best

31 May 2022
We have all heard that saying that mama knows best but practically, what has that meant in our daily lives. Let's explore a couple of themes from our shows on 1 Magic that has stood out as learning moments.
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We cannot start this article without giving homage to the matriarch, our Lindiwe Dikana. She knew when it was time to push and when to hold back when Andile was unsure of how to proceed regarding the love of his love. We are oh so thankful for that gentle but firm push because Andile and Njabulo are such  couple goals. Even when faced with her humanity, where Mnqobi swayed her, she chose her family in the end. She was brave enough to look weak in front of her son and husband and stay true to herself at that moment. She did not have it all figured out, and her son judged her for that, but she stood in her mess and owned it and then proceeded to fight for her family like she always has.

Mama bear in action
Our fighter Puleng is not one to be left out when it comes to her family. She is very protective over them and will bend over backwards to protect her cubs even from herself. She hid Mpumi’s betrayal from Donald, hoping that Mpumi would eventually see the bigger picture. She has constantly dropped everything to tend to her daughter and make sure that she is ok in her new home,  which also meant taking on the in-laws.

We see how our moms in our shows show love in the most interesting ways. In the show The Equalizer, Robyn McCall will literally break you if you threaten her family in any way. Somehow she always finds a way to show love to her daughter and teach her life lessons thorough daily life. She was never afraid to challenge her, but like Lindiwe, she left her to come to the correct conclusion. Then there was Enzo’s mom, who jumped to action when her daughter was in trouble in the relationship department; her motives may be questionable. Still, we can all agree that Enzo leaned heavily on her mom for that moment, and she gave all parties a workable solution that did not require throwing hands. Or Ma Brrr, who gave Poppy a makeover she will never forget because she wanted a new job. If you saw the makeover, we can all agree that it was funny and not the best, but that little exercise gave Poppy the confidence she needed to do everything to get that job.

Imperfectly perfect
How about our housewives, who will throw shade without needing an invitation but know to draw the line when it comes to kids. At times, some may toe the line, but they are quickly told to reel it in. You may disagree with how they choose to raise their kids, but can we have a moment about the bravery it takes to put yourself on a show. Expose your imperfections and find a way to continue regardless of your shape, face, fashion sense and decisions that can be questionable. Regardless of the imperfections, they show up and show out every single time.

Mama’s know best because when it matters, they show up; they guide, protect, love and remind us to love our imperfections because they make us who we are.

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