Love expert Diann Valentine dishes advice on finding your soulmate

28 May 2018
To Rome For Love host, Diann Valentine shares a few tips on finding and maintaining real love.
diann valentine, to rome for love

Whether you’ve seen Diann Valentine dropping relationship advice on her the new Bravo series To Rome For Love on which she is the host, or offering her insights on The Steve Harvey talk show or even planning weddings of some of the world’s famous faces, Diann is full of relationship advice that you ought to know.

In a recent article, Diann offered a realistic approach for dating and finding love. We took a few tips from her to share with you:

On what to look for in a potential life partner…

While someone's physicality counts, Diann advises including items that look at someone’s characteristics too. “It should be easy to love someone who loves you and treats you well.”

On a few red flags that you should be aware of while dating…

1) Partners that do not keep their word and have too many broken agreements

2) Previous spouses that are still in your partner’s life but you have not met

3) Your partner has too many women/men they refer to as their “younger sister or brother, but you have never met any of them

On what you can “do better” when it comes to finding and maintaining healthy relationships…

“The best way to find and keep love is to make sure you are constantly working to be your best self,” Diann says. When you’re self-assured and full of self-love and you’ve found a balance between your career and personal life, you’ll naturally attract those qualities back into your life.

On whether or not love is really worth fighting for…

Love shouldn’t be hard and it shouldn’t require that we fight for it, Diann advises. When you’re in a healthy and loving relationship, love is supposed to be easy. When you’ve been waiting for someone for all your life and they finally show up, there’s no reason that you should fight. “We only fight when there is an imbalance in the mutual desire for love,” she says.

On knowing when you’ve found your life partner…

Diann suggests that it’s important to know what qualities you are looking for in a life partner so that when you meet someone, your fate for the future will not be judged on how they make your liver quiver.

For more advice on love, watch Diann on To Rome For Love as she helps five women face their fears, move on from their emotional baggage and find love in Italy.