Let go and let God – Downtime with Somizi

21 April 2022
The first episode of Downtime with Somizi gave everything it was supposed to.
Downtime with Somizi

It’s been a hectic two years of not knowing if we’ll be able to go back to life as we know it and enjoy all the things we’ve come to realise that we often do take for granted. This show is all about inviting our most celebrated names and giving them the much needed opportunity to have some downtime and try an activity they haven’t done.

It doesn’t end there, after the fun in the day they get to sit and have conversations that will help us get to know them better over good food and drinks.

On the premiere episode, Somizi invited veterans Mam’Lillian Dude and Mam’Marah Louw to relax and simply have fun. Somizi took them to learn how to Segway and then later sat down for a heartfelt conversation over dinner that left us in laughter and tears.

After all of it all, Somizi’s takeaway was the power of letting go and letting God. To tap into your spiritual world in order to not shake when things don’t go well and to be able to believe that everything happens for a reason.  


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