LaConco gets to the bottom of it all - Makoti, are you the one?

07 April 2022
Makoti, are you the one? welcomed LaConco as the host for the reunion episodes and she did what had to be done!
LaConco article

When Lona, Ntombi, Gcina and Lindiwe took the very brave step of moving in with their potential mothers-in-law for a whole 21 days all in hopes of proving their worth to be their makotis, they never thought it would come close to how difficult the journey would be but boy were they in for a surprise.

What the reunion episodes of Makoti, are you the one? needed was a strong and tell it or rather ask as it is person and LaConco many would agree was the perfect host. She asked the difficult questions, made sure that people owned up to all that they said and explained themselves and wasn’t  scared to simply understand the assignment.


Here’s how you reacted to her doing the most;


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