KB has new music on the way!

30 April 2019
It looks like there's something brewing in the studio!
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People have been asking about KB, and whether she will ever release new music. Granted, we've all caught glimpses of her on TV whenever she takes on a role to showcase her impressive thespian skills - which is quite often - but she's got a whole legion of music fans who've had to wait for seven years to hear new music from her! Well, it sounds like the wait is heading towards an end.

KB has new music in the works, and she's no longer keeping this information under wraps! 

South Africa's iconic triple threat, who shot to fame as an actress who could sing and dance on a television show, has revealed to V-Entertainment that she's working hard in the studio to put together the first body of work in eons. 

We can't wait to hear it! 

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