JD Lawrence brings you Your Husband Is Cheating On Us

31 July 2018
Tune in every Tuesday at 19:00 to get this hit series!
jd lawrence

For decades, the urban theater experience has been a successful component of the African American entertainment industry in the United States.

Every year, a small group of talented individuals from across the entertainment industry come together to tour the country, selling out venues with motivational stage productions. Your Husband Is Cheating On Us shines the spotlight on this world, showcasing the show behind the show.

The series follows the production of iconic urban theater/producer/director/actor JD Lawrence’s newest stage play of the same name. Drama starts both on- and off-stage as the cast members prepare for the production while also living under the same roof. You best believe that sparks will be flying from all directions.

Prepare yourself for drama, shade throwing and nonstop laughs as JD and his team work around the clock to produce a hit show.

Your Husband Is Cheating On Us airs Tuesdays at 19:00, exclusively on 1 Magic.

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