JC Tha Barber Premieres on One Magic

16 November 2020
JC Tha Barber has made a name for himself as the go-to celebrity barber.
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Meet celebrity barber, JC Hammons and follow him into the homes and dressing rooms of some of Hollywood’s greatest stars, from professional sports stars to hip-hop and film celebrities. As their confidant and friend, JV gets the lowdown on the latest and hottest happenings in the world of the stars before the news even makes it to mainstream media.

Hammons started his brand by creating and marketing it in the Los Angeles celebrity club scene. His brand was promoted by some of L.A.’s best-known DJs, and soon after, club-goers and celebrities paid attention.

JC Tha Barber is set against a backdrop of the luxury celebrity lifestyle. During the show, you will get to know the man behind the brand – a man who at first glance seems intimidating and unapproachable. However, as you continue watching, you’ll soon realise that Hammons is just a family guy with a big heart and a huge personality.

Not only will JC Tha Barber enter the homes, studios and arenas, but he’ll also host America’s biggest barber battle and teach aspiring barbers how to become successful in the hairdressing field.

Catch JC Tha Barber on Wednesday at 21:30 on 1 Magic.