It was a sit-down comedy show – Downtime with Somizi

09 June 2022
Having Somizi as the host and these two gentlemen was always going to be a recipe for a good time!
Skhumba and Tswyza

Amazing guests keep coming on Downtime with Somizi and makes it simply impossible to not tune in. This past week, Somizi was joined by Skhumba and Tswyza which meant it was going to be a guaranteed hour of nothing but laughter.


It’s archery

The day of relaxation and a fun activity started with taking part in archery which all of them had not done as professionally as this was before. They all were looking forward to it but soon  realised (Skhumba 😂) that the rules weren’t properly explained all because Tswyza beat him… by far!


Talking family and the industry

When they went to change and come back looking very good, Somizi helped us know the gentlemen even better that we did by asking about their families and the industry that they are in.

We go to hear about their love of being fathers and the impact that they want to have on their children that they didn’t have or didn’t have enough of. We also got to find out if they are funny to everyone which Skhumba quickly made clear that everyone finds him funny but his wife. Tswyza on the other hand let us know that being paid to be himself is the best way to explain how his life has unfolded.

After some fun in the sun, it was great to learn more about these talented gentlemen. Speaking of the weather, we get remind of this tweet below. Why?! 😂


And that roast???!


How I’d like to be remembered


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