It's The Lessons For Us On "First Wives Club"

25 May 2021
If life lessons accompanied by fun is what you’re after then you’re at the right place!
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We are five episodes in and the ladies of the First Wives Club go through the most as they navigate through life’s challenges with the utmost fun, take it as it comes attitude and some sass too. 💅

Hazel, Bree and Ari are trying hard to live their best lives but with ex-husbands in the mix, they quickly learn that life might just be serving them what they didn’t order but they take it in their strides and try to come out stronger. Here are some of the lessons that we’ve learned from these ladies so far.

Friendships evolve and that’s okay

Most of us have those sent from above friendships that you don’t want to see your life without from college, those “these are my girls forever” friendships where you know that no matter what you go through in life those girls will always be there. They are amazing but they also evolve, you get married or not, you have children or not, you take different paths and careers and Hazel along with her besties show us that even though all these changes are inevitable, it doesn’t mean that they come to an end. They show us that if one needs the other, they are there for that person like when Bree and Ari saw Hazel and Derrick’s video of them arguing about him cheating and stealing her song all over the news, they quickly reached out to her and went to be by her side even if it meant climbing up her building! 😩💕

Put your passion and independence first

These are strong, smart, talented women who are able to take care of themselves and know what’s best for them but along the way, they met their husbands who have deemed their lights and made them live under their wings. Ari stopped practicing law to help her husband David with his campaign, Bree is in the medical field but often struggles with her children and their cheating father and Hazel has over the years let Derrick, her music exec husband be in control of her music.

We see them slowly begin to realise what these men have been doing for years and decide to change and put a stop to it. Now we are here for this as they see their worth and just how much they deserve. 👏

Best revenge is your paper – and everything else!

Derrick cheated on Hazel with one of the musicians at his label and went as far as stealing her song for the other woman and if that wasn’t enough, he turns the divorce process messier by blocking all her cards and getting her out of their apartment. As any woman would, Hazel’s first instinct is to fight for herself but her amazing friends make her realise that making her music and being a success is the best revenge that she’ll ever get and that is what she does. We are looking forward to seeing how it all pans out. 🔥

Live your life for YOU

Easier said than done? We think not because all you have to do is decide. Decide that you deserve more, decide how you want to live and decide what makes you the happiest. We see Ari get back to practicing law by being Hazel’s representative in her divorce and we love the feisty side of her while Bree realises that even though she still loves Gary, it’s not worth all the heartache of being cheated on and now has to move on and be happy. Through all these changes, they remain by each other’s side laughing, drinking, partying and crying together.  We stan a strong sisterhood okay!👭

Always have Plan B

Now, we know how unpredictable life can be and as much as we get comfortable with where we are at it’s always a good idea to have plan b just in case. These ladies teach us that it’s not always a negative to prepare for the worst but it’s smart. Hazel finds out she actually didn’t read her marriage contract and stands to lose a lot but she has her talent to go back to and start afresh with everything that belongs to her, Ari has her law education to continue with should her shaky relationship with her husband not work (and it's shaky alright) and Bree is amazing in her medical field and this will ensure a good life for her and her children even without her husband (who wasn’t contributing much anyway). Plan B can be a saviour when you need one and that is the lesson here! 


As we said, we’re still only at five episodes but these ladies are giving us life with every episode and we look forward to seeing them go further and strive while choosing to live their best lives.


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