Interesting facts about Janet Jackson

08 February 2023
Janet Jackson remains one of the greatest performers of our lifetime; we saw how she found her voice through the years in her documentary, Janet.
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This incredible documentary was filmed over three years, and Janet allowed the camera into the world she protects. So, what an honour to be able to have such an exclusive view into the genius that is Janet Jackson. She shared never seen before-home videos, and many interviews were conducted with her celebrity friends.

Janet is one of the highest-earning artists in the industry, which also means that she’s one of the best-selling artists. With this level of success, it is also bound to come with an unnatural amount of public scrutiny. As we know, her life has been laden with unspeakable tragedy and public scrutiny.


Did you know that she loves animals and was the ‘caretaker’ of the animals they had on the family farm? The animals ranged from the family dog to giraffes, chimpanzees, deer, llamas, snakes and a parrot.  She is also known to be able to cry on cue, which is something that wowed television producers and eventually led to her being cast as Penny on Good Times.

Her recording career only began when her brother Randy found a song she had recorded about teenage love. Naturally, she was embarrassed by the topic, but once her father heard the recording, he wasted no time getting her signed to A&M records. He thought she showed much promise and had the talent to take her far.

She recorded two albums, but they could have done better. That was when she took matters into her own hands and decided that it would have to be on her terms if she were to be a success. She finally had a breakthrough with her album Control.  Thereafter she was given creative freedom with the music video for the song “scream” she did with her brother Michael. If you ever doubted her creative genius, doubt no more.

With countless awards under her belt, we have to wonder what is next for her. She might be your next superhero, as that is one role she is yet to fill.