Insecure: How dapper is Jay Ellis?

28 February 2018

His dress code is the last thing anyone is concerned about on Insecure.

There are bigger things to be preoccupied with on the show, like the fact his character Lawrence suffered a devastating plunge into a self-sabotaging downward spiral on the show's entire second season, thanks to his post-Issa wild and sexually rebellious era. In real life though, Jay Ellis's character couldn't be further from his fence straddling character on the comedy. 

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At the very least, we know that he differs from Lawrence in the fashion department. While Lawrence has sported a mint suit once or twice on the show when he trying to get his act - along with his complex career - together, all the dirt he gets up to is just normally done with him dressed down. 

On the contrary, the 36-year-old actor has been consistent in topping best-dressed lists whenever he hits the red carpet. Which, if you allow us to throw in a random complain, is never enough. Thankfully though, his Instagram followers are constantly treated to pictures showcasing Ellis' love for a good thread. His entire IG page is basically an atelier showcasing the actor's style, work and glimpses of his world. 

Here is a look at some of his best fashion moments: 

You can catch Jay Ellis on Insecure's upcoming third season when the show does return; Keep an eye on this website for updates on that. 


Photo Credit: Getty Images