In with the new new this October

12 October 2021
You’re fully booked this month so get comfortable and enjoy!
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We’re still within Spring and flowers aren’t the only thing thriving because your schedule is too with these amazing #1Magic titles. We have new shows aboard and some old favourites are back with new seasons, it’s going to be a good one please!

Get ready!


Abasemzini S1 – It starts off messy but there is hope!

Nothing beats a happy ending and on this show we not only get to see how mothers and daughters in-law have had it hard in their relationships but we also get to see the beautiful journey they go through of allowing to be assisted with communicating, seeing things from each other’s perspectives and coming out on top.

1634046670 27 abasemzini  about poster 320 x 480

Fridays at 20:30


First Wives Club S2 – Still bossing it up and just living life

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Our favourite trio of wives are back and now Hazel, Ari and Bree are joined by Jayla who brings so hilarious moments between her and Hazel as college grudges still linger. We get to see Bree figure out her marriage and bring the spark back while being a big shot of a surgeon, Ari balancing her work and long-distance relationship and Hazel living her best life!

Wednesdays at 20:30


Wounds S1 – We all have them!

#1Magic’s first ever medical drama with twists and turns? Yes please! We got introduced to Neo/Busi’s complicated life a week ago which is portrayed by the amazing Samke Makhoba and we are already hooked. We get to follow her life as she takes her sister’s identity and starts an internship at a hospital but seeing as it started off with lies, it looks like it will get rough and we’re here for the ride.

1634047738 27 wounds

Fridays at 21:30


Insecure S5 – Ready but NOT ready

1634047572 27 screenshot 2021 10 12 at 15.57.30

The fifth and final season of Insecure is upon us and yes we are crying with you. The road was well worth it and we got to witness Issa go through her ups and downs like everyone and picking herself up every single time and now it is time to park and follow her wherever she goes next duh!

It will not be without its fair share of drama but we’re excited to see how our girl closes it all off. Be prepared for the 25th of October at 22:00 when it lands on #1Magic


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills S11 – Can somebody spell D R A M A

The much-anticipated and best season of the RHOBH  landed on 1Magic. And between Garcelle’s feud with Lisa Renna, the new spicy housewife and the shocker that is Erika’s divorce, we’re been in for a long and interesting ride with our favourite glam ladies.

1634047612 27 screenshot 2021 10 01 at 16.53.53

The mess continues every weekday at 19:00 and it isn’t getting much easier for Erika because now literally everyone is breathing down her neck.


You can watch all these titles live on the DStv App. You’re welcome!