In Memes: Zenokuhle Maseko’s Stellar Closing Performance

27 January 2020
Zenokuhle is lauded for delivering an emotionally charged final scene.
Zenokuhle Maseklo

In what was probably the most heart-wrenching scenes since The River first premiered on One Magic, Zenokuhle Maseko who played Mbali on the show bowed out on Friday with a spectacular closing performance.

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Zenokuhle played the Dikana’s youngest and very outspoken daughter. Whether she was fighting for Andile’s inclusion in the family or attempting to fight off her kidnappers, Mbali never held back.

However, her weakness was towards her mother, which came from both a place of love and naivety. Throughout all the trials and criminal activities that her mom Lindiwe Dikana-Dlamini was suspected of, Mbali never questioned her mother’s involvement. Even when her father Zweli Dikana and brother Andile Dikana turned their backs against Lindiwe, Mbali believed that her mom was innocent.

So, when it became apparent that Lindiwe had in fact shot and tried to kill Lindani, Mbali was devastated. Being the confrontational daughter that she was, she gave it to her mom, especially after she realized that her mom was guilty of all the things she was accused of.

Zenokuhle left Twitter and all of Mzansi heartbroken and on their feet as they praised her for a stellar closing scene:

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