In Memes: Twitter is Not Happy with Njabulo’s Entanglement

29 July 2020
Tweeps are not happy to see that Njabulo has returned from Argentina with a new bae.
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Love triangles are always messy, they are terrible and more than anything, they are hurtful. Despite all of this, we can never get enough of them, especially when they don't involve us. We love to wait and see how things play out between the cheater, main and side dish. But in the latest episode of The River, tweeps are less than impressed with Njabulo who’s returned from Argentina with a new bae, Mondli. 

And it seems that the entanglement between Njabulo and Mondli is serious as Njabulo is willing to risk it all to make things official with Mondli, played by Wiseman Zitha.

But it’s not as easy as calling it quits and moving on for Njabulo. Firstly, Andile, who hasn’t stopped smiling from ear-to-ear since his fiancé came back, announced to everyone that he and Njabulo are getting married in four weeks! Second, Njabulo has accepted a new job from Lindiwe as Khanyisa Diamonds’ mine manager. Third and probably most importantly, Lindiwe called Njabulo back from Argentina in an effort to lift up Andile’s spirits. If she finds out that Njabulo is cheating on fanas, we're scared to even mention how Lindiwe might deal with Njabulo.

So basically, Njabulo needs to think very clearly about what he’s doing.

Nonetheless, Mondli is applying pressure on Njabulo to call things off with Andile. Njabulo is doing everything but telling Andile the truth and Andile is more in love with Njabulo than he’s ever been.

Tweeps aren’t at all happy with Njabulo’s actions:

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