'In Ice Cold Blood' Delivers Chilling Takes on True Crime

28 October 2020
Money, lust and greed are the drives behind shocking murder mysteries on 'Ice Cold Blood'
In Ice Cold Blood

Most of you are already aware that Powerbook II: Ghost, has gone on a production break. And because we deliver these leading international shows as soon as they land, we all have to wait for the return of Tariq and Tasha's spinoff into a world post the demise of James 'Ghost' St. Patrick. In the meantime, we've got something intriguing and epic to keep us hooked on Tuesdays at 21:30. 

Starring Ice-T, 'In Ice Cold Blood' is the perfect mix of crime suspense, action and spine chilling drama. The drama TV series, which is now on its third season, unravels its complex plot from murder mysteries. With so many questions and loose ends, the mission to uncover the truth about a dark tragedies leads to many plot twists and shocking revelations, which are sure to keep you at the edge of your couch with each episode. 

Chilling portrayals of raw human desires come to the fore on 'In Ice Cold Blood. True crime drama gets a realistic treatment as Ice-T invites viewers to experiences that many layers that characterize some of the most astonishing stories you will ever see. Money, sex, lust and greed underlie shocking outcomes here, as families, friends and detective detail each case. And it's everything from missing military officials to a student who was murdered in a crime of passion. 

What viewers love about the show is how these real-life shockers are reenacted through dramatized interpretations, in-depth interviews and archived footage. 

Money, sex, lust, and greed run rampant with very real consequences. Family members, friends and detectives recount each case -- a missing military veteran, a student murdered in a crime of passion, and secret payouts are only some of the cases. These stories are told through reenactments, in-depth interviews and archived footage.

In Ice Cold Blood airs Tuesdays at 21:30, exclusive to 1Magic, DStv channel 103. 

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