If there's one thing Kerry wants to keep from The Fixer, it's the bags

06 November 2017
She will miss everything about her time on The Fixer, but it's every single purse Kerry wants to keep forever!

Kerry Washington is definitely not even ready to let Olivia Pope go, and to avoid having to start dealing with the reality of a post - Olivia planet, the actress is simply focusing on the ongoing filming of the 7th and final season of The Fixer.  But she's looking at the aftermath as being what it will be like to be without someone she's still in love with, she already knows that she wouldn't mind be able to keep those Prada bags that completed her usually chic, fashion-forward outfits on the show!

When asked by Seth Meyers in a recent fun chat they had, she admitted that she wants 'every single beautiful bag' she carried for the last 7 years. 

"They mean a lot to me these bags!", she said jokingly. "It's 7 years of good memories in every single one of those beautiful bags."

The two also touched on what a well-dressed character Olivia Pope is.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images